Mrs.Duck has gotten a new bike already

Congrats to the Mrs.
That's awesome! That's about how long my wife spent on her 250. Then she moved up to a GS500F for a year, then the Gixxer 1000.

Did your honey ride horses or anything when she was a kid? It seems that people who started out on horses do pretty well when the start riding motorcycles.

Congrats to the Missus!

I will never be able to out ride a modern 600 with my skills. (most people as well, regardless of what their ego tells them) as such, the zzr600 or a pre 2002 zx6r (same bike) is all Ill ever need. Great bike. its way underrated and all of the squid/noobs have to have the latest and greatest. Even in its day as Kawi's 600 track weapon, it was still the best on road and most comfortable.

If I remember right the journos said it was a pig at the track because it weighed 10 lbs more than the hondayamazukis. whatever.

Great choice in bikes. be sure to post pictures of the squids that she flogs in the turns!