MRA Vario


can someone tell us how it is with speeds above 100miles??can you hide behind thescreen 100% i am 5.9 (179cm)

please leave feedback for those who have it...thanks


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I've run it up to 150ish with this screen, I was useing a tank bag and could still get out of the wind. No issues, I would buy another if need be. :beerchug:




I just tested mine Vario. First thing what I noticed: different feelings when you seat behind the screen… in good way. Then I went with the spoiler all the way up 200 kmh (125 mph) and found that this screen absolutely what I wanted for riding 2up! In straight seating position you can go easily with this speed for hours all day long for many days! With Puig I could ride with passenger only 160 kmh (100 mph) constant cruising speed.
So then I folded spoiler (lowest position) and went full throttle to check how much I can get if I will be riding alone. But unfortunately we don’t have good roads like in Germany or Greece, so I only get 250 kmh (155 mph) and I liked what I felt… so max speed will check later somewhere in Germany.
And it growing more and more on me how it look like …. Though need to put hump with it.
Me too, but if your going to spend 12hrs in the seat at one time this screen is the best "looking" for what it dose.
Not overly keen on the overall look but I too spend long hours in the saddle (14 hours per day on my last road trip) and this just may be a God-send for those longer rides.

Point noted & taken!
I received mine today and installed it. Went for a dinner ride and I'm mixed about the results. Maybe I was expecting the ride to be like a Goldwing. Didn't notice much difference in the wind channeling. But it did smooth the air a little.

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