Moving Forks right under top triple tree


Moving the forks right under the upper triple does what to the bike? How does it effect the steering? Does it make it steer better in turns or is it not recommended to do, leave it where it is.

What are some of opinions who have done it, did you put it back to stock?

Geez, that's a big topic. Way too much to be discussed in a thread like this. Here is a short version. Moving the forks effects a number of things. It is done to change ride height for one but the main thing is it changes rake and trail both of which GREATLY effect handling. This topic is not one to take lightly. If you want to do this you almost should get a book or talk to an experienced motorcycle suspension technician.

Not trying to dodge your question but again, the topic deserves more than what can be said here. Do your homework before you make such a modifacation or you may be sorry. You can sum up the issue like this though. High speed stability and quick steering response are really opposite things. The trick is to get a compromise of these two things and that is accompished by many things such as rake & trail, ride height, weight bias etc, not to mention the topic of suspension in general and the effects that it plays. It is a big can-o-worms my friend.
Siding the forks up into the triple clamps will make the bike:
- have a steeper rake angle - make it more turney
- shorter wheel base  - make it more turney & wheely more
- lower CG - make it more turney

Go to far and as EAK says you'll screw up the high speed stability.  

If you must, make changes in small increments, ride it and record your observations.  Make sure you measure the stick out with a precision instrument (dial caliper / depth guage) and be sure you move both forks the same amount.

Things like suspension setting changes are much easier to play with and will also have a great effect on ridability.  Try them out first.

Good luck
Are you talking about the metal plate that holds on the handle bars and reads "Hayabusa"? That is not the triple clamp, its the bar holder. The upper triple clamp is under that and clamps around the fork tubes. So if you mean what happens to the bike's handling if you slide the forks up to the bar holder - in other words lower the front end as much as possible with stock parts - then it will affect the handling many different ways. The head angle and steering are steeper if you don't lower the rear too, without changing the trail, making it more unstable. The front will be more likely to tuck under than stock. It will turn in faster but it will be twitchy. You will need more precise control inputs and more concentration. Our wheel base is 55 inches so the turn in will not be improved much BUT the steering will be more unstable. Not a great trade-off. It will make you tired during long rides if at an extreme drop. Your riding position will be forward with a little weight more on your wrists. And you will have to hold your head a little higher while riding ending up with a sore neck after a day of riding. Braking will be affected also if the nose is too low. Dive will feel more pronounced and the less stable steering may cause the front end to wobble under hard braking.

Bottom line is that to drop the front only will make the bike more demanding and less confidence inspiring. You may slow down thru turns instead of going faster. I am a firm believer that both front and back ends should be raised or lowered the same amount. If you insist on changing the geometry by changing only one, do it in very tiny steps and make one change at a time. Then test ride each change for a day of two to get the feel of the change.

You are a test pilot at that point. Good luck!
Thanks Guys you anwsered my question and that is leave it where it is and just play with the preload,damping, and commpresstion. I don't want to feel unstable at all.

I appreatiate your input on this one.