Mototeck undertail/hugger install


Just thought I would share my experience with my undertail install. I have before and after shots (none of them very good, sorry about that). At the end I will explain how it went. Enjoy!


After. Please disregard the plate reflections beside the two tail lights, trust me it is a reflection not turn signals. The signals are further down on the side just behind the rear pillion posts.

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Trust me the photos do not do it justice. It looks really cool. The rear tail lights are LED (rather small, not like Libertek of Iceman's) and they include a marker light in each one plus there is the side marker lights that are behind the rear pillion posts on each side. I wired them both up so the signal flashes both at the side and in the rear. The tail lights are bright enough but could be better. Yes I will upgrade to Libertek or Iceman LED's when I can afford it.

The color match is pretty good although it is lacking in the metal flake compared to factory paint but you cannot notice unless you flash a bright light at it and really get close. It fits pretty well but of course requires major "trimming" of the stock undertail. I used the stock connectors so that I could remove the tail if necessary without unwirering (is that a word?). The whole thing took about 5 hours including the hugger (over two nights). The undertail and hugger are both made of ABS rather than fiberglass (too thick, too easily spidercracks) and came prepainted and were purchased in stock from in NC. I went with a black hugger instead of orange, just my preference to keep the black out theme.

Problems or comments:
1) The supplied plastic fasteners are worthless. I reused the stock ones which barely snap but work.
2) I mounted the hugger a little too close I think. Might have to move or shim with a new tire or chain. Maybe not. I also used a little adheshive foam strip under the hugger so as to not scratch the swingarm and it looks like crap because the foam is grey not black - I will probably remove or find some thin black rubber sheet instead.
3) The license plate bracket is not wide enough for the plate holes so I had to drill new ones in the plate.
4) There is no plate illumination in the kit - I will rig this myself, it needs it trust me.
5) The fit at the rear is a little lacking but not bad, I am picky.
6) License plate bracket did not include mouting hardware (at least that is useable).

Cool things:
1) It looks really awesome in the dark, can't wait to get the "real" LED's.
2) Very clean look.
3) The trunk is retained and actually has more room now (but plenty of wires - I will fix this too).
4) Definately a DIY prject so long as you have patience and some electrical wiring sense.
5) My flashers did not speed up much at all, did not need a new relay.

And sorry for the crappy pictures. I'll take better ones when weather permits.

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EAK ... the new tail looks really good ... I like those Microns too!
Thanks guys.

Yeah I love the Micron pipe. Looks great, sounds really good, not extremely loud, just racy sounding and deep. Plus they are fairly resonably priced becuase the headpipes are all stainless (no Ti) yet still much lighter than stock.