Mototeck Clear Lens


I just wanted to pass along some informaiton about the Mototeck Clear Rear Lens.

I just installed it, (pics to follow), and had these issues.

1. The Mototeck rear lens is Crystal Clear, no frosting or frosted look.
2. The part that extends down from the light, where the red reflector would be on the stock lens, is clear, no reflective material at all.
3. I had to modify the lens to fit correctly. Their were no holes for the screws, I had to make them using a heated ice pick and melting the holes. (Drilling plastic is dicey) On the left side of the lens, I had to cut out a section to allow the lens to seat aginist the gasket. I also had to cut two small groves in the section that extends down, again to allow for the lens to seat on the gasket.
4. On the good side, the rear lens came with two 1157 red leds. When installed, they are clear, meaning no red showing.

I also have the front lenses, but have not installed them yet. Again, these came with bulbs, 1156, traditional amber bulbs, and amber leds. Your choice.

Just some informaiton from my personal experience. I will post pics when completed.



Daddy Fatsac

Hey Stealth...this is my first post and I've been viewing for about 2yrs. Only reason I figured I'd post now is because my Busa is no longer stock(thank god). Ok...enough about myself. Just to let others know about the clear lenses, I bought the Clear Alternative complete set w/LED rear. The only three differences between the two that I know if is 1. They aren't totally clear...they have the frost-like appearence to them. 2. you don't have to mod anything to them. 3. They fit perfectly and you get that little reflector under the brake light for those states/countries that must have to have the reflector. Btw the complete set ran $188.98 for the LED model that price is including shipping.


Hey Daddy Fatsac, Seeing as how you have been around so long I won't welcome you to the board but Welcome to posting becareful it is very addictive.
 Thanks for the info.

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