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Motorcyclist Mag will be here Friday, Aug 9th. I hope to get a chance to chat with these guys. I know they will be in Honolulu doing a story on the bike seen in Hawaii not sure yet if they are coming to the big Island yet. You guys & girls watch the show or read the mag? My favorite!


luv that mag.

Hi Kent
Funny you should ask. Josh and Marc Cook are indeed coming your way; they're doing a 3-day thing on Oahu next weekend, the 4-hour endurance race, a street ride and assorted other things for a Hawaii feature. Maybe we get you to help us with a piece on the Big Island?
Mitch Boehm
Motorcyclist Mag.
I've been reading Motorcyclist for a long time now. It's great. I mailed Josh about our ride in Aug. maybe he would like to come with us. No they won't cover our ride I already asked. Maybe the 10th annual LA ride of with thousands in attendance! Jeez I'll be 52!
They do a variety of bikes, mostly sport bikes and sport tourers, few dual purpose bikes, comparisons between bikes of different classes, performance tips,riding techniques,all the latest bikes,(the new Ducati is in the last one),Q and A, definitely worth checking out, and it's inexpensive, (didn't want to say cheap). Excellent!
Pete, yes they do all kinds of stuff. Its part of a media group. ( Primedia ) They produce Sport rider,Cruiser,ATV mag ... their web site is

I noticed the prices of Euro magazines here are steep, like Fastbikes mag... about $8 but high quality photo's & paper.
The US mags have a cover price of $4.00 but the subscriptions are cheaper.