motorcyclist hits the garbage truck..

This morning during early rush hour . Rider following a minivan in the left lane through a construction zone . Minivan slows down,rider brakes loses control falls of the bike,lands in the right lane,run over by a semi . Mentioned he didn't have a helmet,but honestly having or not having a lid won't make a diiference when a semi runs over you . But I think it speaks volumes about the type of rider he might have been . IMO probably a young male on a crotch rocket hauling ass through traffic riding the bumper until he has enough space to squeeze through but gives NO room to account for a panic stop . I felt horrible for the truck driver .


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Doesn't look good, but the article was kinda funny to me. Garbage Truck pulls out into the path of the bike but the article seems to put the biker at fault :dunno:

Yes, he should have had a helmet on, for that matter, full gear, and none of us need to speed but we do.