Motorcycles as Art Aug 7 2009

August 7 2009 6 pm

As part of Brattleboro VT's Gallery Walk , Stan Lynde will be closing Flat Street in Brattleboro To Display "Motorcycles as Art" There will be a live band and a "Very Casual" Atmosphere (remember Vermont has no public Nudity Laws). Motorcycles of all types are encouraged to attend. Expect see everything form the Mild to the Wild (Some neat bikes too. )

For those of you who don't know Stan he runs an Old school bike shop where everyone is welcome and there is always a floor show (if you don't see the show it cause you are it!)Lets get some Busa there this year!
Come on folks lets get some Busa's there A couple guys are meeting at my place before heading over. (bout 8 mile3s from me and if you are coming in from a distance and don't want to roll home let me know and you probably can sleep here.

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