Motorcycle Lift


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I think the inventor of it also makes his toast wit ha flame thrower.:laugh:

Its cool for sure, but its gotta be $3000 or more and at that price, you can pay someone else to hurt their back to maintain your bike.:whistle:


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How much is it didn't see a price???

It seems you won't be able to remove the rear wheel with it on that lift??? Not really sure looks like messing with the swingarm is out to.

He is trying to eliminate the back aches of bending over to do the wheel swap? How many squat thrust did he have to do to get the bike in that position???

I don't see this design as an improvement over those large scissor lifts especially when I have seen some of the improvements that have done to them.

Saw one with an oil catch pan with a screen cover to keep the drain plug from falling into the pan. Another with a hydraulic attachment to lift the bike through the pivot point so you can remove both wheels at the same time.

This lift does not look cheap and it looks like it's missing some "practical use qualities" jmo though


That lift that hooks into the holes in the frame and lifts the whole bike seems more elegant and less in the way. I actually don't get this one.


Looks cool but there is no way I would trust my busa up in the air like that. Ive seen too many hydraulic systems go bad whether is manufacturer defects, bad maintenance or just a blown seal. The thing probably cost more than a standard lift to begin with. Cool gimmick but untill I start seeing garages and race teams use them on a regular basis I'll pass :whistle:


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Looks like more of a pain in the ass than anything.... I'm good, I'll stick with the norm


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I noticed they were reluctant to show the ease of mounting your bike into that contraption? :dunno:


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I didn't watch the vid or pull pricing. It did look like some step locks in place in case of a hydraulic failure. Maybe there will be more information. Maybe I'll get the guy to sign up. Not that anyone can afford anything but oil, tires, and fuel during this economic recovery. :laugh:
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