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O Holy P

Figured I'd throw my 2c in on this. Just brought the bike down to Ft. Lauderdale where I'm working now and at the time being it's being parked outside, but hopefully not for long. So after unloading it and putting it in the driveway, I immediately headed out to the closest auto parts store to look for a bike cover. The closest place was Pep Boys, and they had one that looked like a good fit. It's made by "Blentech" and it is a 2-tone cover, black on top and silver on the bottom. Has air vents that keep water out by the mirrors, protects against UV rays, is water/weather proof, and has 2 eyelets on either side for securing with a lock or cable. I got a size Large and it fits the 'busa perfectly! Nice and snug and covers it to the ground around the front tire and about 4~6" from the ground around the rear tire. I would highly recommend this cover to anyone with a 'busa. My timing couldn't have been better too, it's been raining cats & dogs here all day! The price was very good to at a whopping $29.99. So if you need a decent cover for cheap...head out to your local Pep Boys and pick up one. I'm happy I did, and reaped the benefits of it the very next day, LOL. :thumbsup:

Just thought I'd share with you guys.


O Holy P

I knoowwwwwwwwww :rulez: :laugh:




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Thanks for sharing since I mounted my hard bags my half sport cover won't fit so I'm in the market and there a Pep Boys near by. Wardie


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Might check with new enough as well, they had some really nice ones briggs I think, for about that price on clearance :cool:


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The only cover i use now is the garage brand with the scorpio armed and remote on the nightstand with the 9


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Not a real fan of covers...

Be careful with the covers...put it on a dirty bike, you risk scratching the paint...
it'll grind the dirt into the paint...and it really doesn't take much to get a bike

Also watch the material of the cheaper covers...doesn't make much sense to
buy microfiber towels and then drag an abrasive cover over your bike.


I am actually quite fond of my cover. I guess people differ depending on their situation. My bike stays outside most of the time so I need extra protection. I got mine from an online company (mighty covers). Dont have a picture of mine on here yet, but you can look at some of their other work here if you are interested: Motorcycle Covers -

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