MOTOR MADNESS!!! Sept.24th 12:00 to 6:00pm

What's up guys?
Just wanted to let you all know that the 3rd annual "MOTOR MADNESS" will be taking place the last sunday of Sept. (09/24/06) from 12:00to 6:00 pm. There will be free food & drink while it lasts, a bunch of "Bad Ass" Bikes, Hot Rods & MX'ers & Quads to check out! $30 Dyno HP Runs all day long! (Those that paid & don't get their dyno pull that day will get their chance the following weekend. All that pay for a run will get their run!)

Will Castro of "Unique Whips" on SpeedTV & the owner of Unique Autosports will be showing up at some point during the festivities. He'll be coming down w/ the Camera crew for the show, so bring your best & you might see it on SpeedTV.

This will be a good time for anyone interested in all things that go fast on 2,3 & 4 wheels!

Cycle Paint & Metal, Speedway Performance & Diggin' Racing will be hosting this event.

For more info feel free to visit our website
or give me a call 631-580-1301 & ask for the details & directions how to get there!!

See you there!


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where are you guys located ? i know wwhere marconi ave is , i went last year and couldnt find it , did it get rained out ?


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its off lakeland ave , between vets and 495 on the east side , not too sure of the exact location but it is ronkonkoma, long island

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