05 Busa LE

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What a great race! Stoner is an incredible talent, and Honda has really found something with their quick shift gearbox. Glad to see Rossi and Ducati have (sort of) worked things out with the frame; now, we just need to see what they do with the new motor, expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Hope that Hayden call pull through, too, in the coming races.

I'm not a Pedrosa fan at all, but I was really bummed to see Simoncelli take him out. Wonder if the Honda execs already sat him down? Reminds me of the beginning of Vettel's season last year in F1.

Although it repeats again this evening (after the Moto2 race), Speed has a good, 5-minute video summary here: MOTO RACING - VIDEO: MotoGP - Le Mans Highlights
Pedrosa had the line; those two coming out gave Rossi chance to podium. Those Honda's had the grunt on everybody coming out of the corners...
Pedrosa hit Simoncelli's rear tire. Simoncelli was maybe a little aggressive but it is racing not patty cakes. if that would have been Rossi no body would have said a word about it. it was a fun race to watch.
SC - Said after the race..........

Pedrosa was struggling a little bit, because I gained a lot of ground in two or three laps. I passed him on the brakes, but then he passed me back on the next straight. I wasn't trying to resist, but he braked a lot earlier than I did, and I found myself on the outside. I then tried to pass him again and turn into the corner, but I didn't want to close the door. In fact, I actually left one meter between myself and the curb. But he lost control of his bike a little bit on entry, and he was running long. I tried to stand my bike up, but he hit me on my side and back wheel, and he crashed. I'm sorry about what happened and sorry that he got hurt, and I certainly didn't want this to happen. But I don't think I did anything over the limit.

I have to agree after watching the clip a few times since the race.
I think that they were both going into that corner with too much speed, and both needed every inch of the corner to make it through. In the end, it's racing, but I agree with the ride-through penalty on Simoncelli. Talk is that it was also influenced by his recent, aggressive riding.
Pedrobot did have the racing line... Simo was extremely late on his move. It was an ill-advised pass, definitely in keeping with Simo's reputation.

That having been said.. I really like Simo and his style. He doesn't take sh*t from anyone, and has no problems telling it like it is (in his opinion, of course... :laugh: )

Here is Simo telling Lorenzo to f*ck off and die at the end of the Estoril race... you can just feel the love here.... :thumbsup:

If Pedrosa didn't stand the bike up and kept his knee down there would not have been any contact:poke:

Standing the bike up effectively slowed him down and avoided greater contact. Daryl Beattie would have been squealing like a stuck pig if it had happened to him, obviously his mind is fading and was the cause of his commentary.
Turn 10 at LeMans - well , just not a turn to go outside on the rider in front of you. You pick the bike up after that left corner then there's a near immediate right hander.

Folks can armchair it but with carbon rotors fresh heated after braking on a reasonably long straight into the corner- I'd just imagine loosing the front entirely might have passed Pedrosa's mind in regards to seeing Simoncelli and having to brake <again> and keeping a <inside> line he never intended to have at corner exit anyway.

Bone head, riding with his hair on fire mistake by Simoncelli and the drive thru penalty put the official stamp on it .