MotoGP Finale Spain

05 Busa LE

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For anyone who didn't see it, the finale between Marquez and Lorenzo was phenomenal! Incredible strategy (factory and satellite teams) and even better racing! Check out for the story and the results.
I found it a more exciting than the typical race... I'm glad Marquez didn't do anything stupid and Pedrosa helped out his partner.
I miss Super Sic:down: the only personality close to Rossi.

Marquez only did what he needed to do. Lorenzo and Pedrosa were entertaining while it lasted. The result was inevitable and as melodramatic as Nascar once Pedrosa screwed the pooch.
Wow--surprised at the reactions. You could see that Lorenzo was running slow to draw Marquez out to battle, but his brains took over. Pretty impressive for a 20-year-old. And then Pedrosa stepped up to do exactly what Lorenzo wanted from Marquez. Meanwhile, Bradl, on the satellite Honda, kept Rossi from Marquez, even though he had enough speed to pass Marquez. I guess the result was inevitable, but to have the youngest MotoGP campion ever, and the first rookie MotoGP champion, crowned in his home country, was a pretty amazing thing to watch--at least for me. Next year I think Nicky will be reaching for a podium, considering that Stoner tested the production Honda racer within 0.3 second of the production bikes, and within a tenth with the production racers' slicks.