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Sup' guys. I'm not a regular on this forum but I do ride Suzukis. I have an SV1000S and a DRZ400. I been doing a couple of Moto Webcomics for a little while now and would like you guys to check it out and let me know how I'm doing. If I'm out of line by posting this, moderator, just delete it, and I apologize but I just trying to have some fun and let other riders join in. See ya on the blacktop.

K-n-J moto

It's getting colder here in Colorado and riding season is coming to an end. So I guess I'll get my fix this winter by making fun of the rest of you guys who can ride all year long.

Thanks Matt

Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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Nice coincidence... I just found the KnJ site about a week ago and went through all you had there... Will look through the Moto site..

So you do sheep? :rofl:

Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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all you need to do is make it to Spring Bash/Fall bash you will material for years... now who has the sheep shots? or is that taking a "sheep shot " at someone :rofl:

must not be my crowd... :whistle:

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