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Any one heard if Moto GP is comingto the US in O4. And... where are they going to run it.
Where did you see info on a US Moto GP event for '04?  The last I read was that it was too late to sanction a track and schedule a race for the '04 season.  The press release said  that both Homestead in Florida, and Barber in Alabama were being considered for the '05 schedule.  I would be quite pleased to see that they've changed thier minds.

No MotoGP in the US in 04. They were looking at Homestead in FL and Barber in AL. Barber got closest but no deal for 04. There is also talk about Laguna Seca making some minor mods to meet FIM approval and being in the hunt for 05. If you want to see a MotoGP race in 04 you are going to have to tavel!

I was at the last moto GP in the US. It was at Laguna Seca. It would be cool if it was held there again. Close to home, (only about 550 miles), and a great track. I also wonder what changes would have to be made.
By the way, I appreciate your responses. I was hoping the
GP was coming to back to the US, but maybe in 05.
Not MotoGp, but Indianapolis is suppsed to be considering AMA Superbike on their F1 track layout.

Yeah another round of the AMA Superbike would be awesome. Yeah no US MotoGP next year, Barber may extend the current track layout to make it a little longer since even the AMA Superbikes barely even use 4th gear on the track. I think Laguna may just need a little extra runoff in some corners.