Moto GP!!! Anyone? Anyone?


Rossi back on the top of the poduim! Great Job!

Marquez kick'in butt!

Dani Pedrosa still atop the rankings!

Jorge still charging hard with a broken collar bone!

Cal crutchlow / Tech Trois - finding a place on the poduim! Can't remember when last a factory satellite team hit the poduim.

Who needs Casey Stoner? Ahhh - but it would be cool if he was riding this year.

Who's got tickets for the remainiing American races? If ya think about it - it's been some time since there have been four legitimatly very competitive riders!

Could Valentino or Marq be winners at laguna?

I can't wait to ride out to Indianapolis - I hope they're all healthy and ready to race!!!
Watching the race this past Saturday, I almost...:blowingup:

I give mad props to 99 for riding in the condition he was in from 12th to 5th, :clap: 36 hours after surgery...

However, I am and always will be, a #46 fan!
My daughter and I FINALLY Got to watch it last night. WAY TO GO ROSSI!!! We were jumping up and down and hollering at the TV :)

Rossi knew this was his chance with Lorenzo and Marquez hurt, and Dani not doing so well. Took some chances like the old Rossi would. Don't know if he can repeat it, but it's GOT to build his confidence. Rossi IS the face of MotoGP; he works it - you notice he ALWAYS waves and smiles at the camera - Dani just turns his back, frowns and plays with himself.

Crutchlow is coming into his stride also. Espargaro ought to get a shot at a better bike next year cause he's smoking all the CRT bikes. Haven't seen what happened between Dovi and Nikki yet, but they appear to be having a squabble over something.

You gotta hand it to Lorenzo - just a day out of surgery, 8 screws and a piece of steel in his collarbone, and he goes out and places 5th...he was hurting BAD when he came in. He probably saved his chances for a championship this year otherwise he'd been too far behind unless someone else DNF too.
After two disappointing years at Ducati, it's good to see that Rossi didn't lose his championship form. Definitely prefer to see him or Jorge on the top step over Pedrosa. Now, if they can just get that Ducati to perform, guaranteed that Nicky would be back on the podium.