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2006 LE stock motor and susp.

Added a GPR v4

Added a GiPRO ATRE set to 5th gear map

Tobin seat for my hindquarters

Holy crap!!

Its like a new bike. Went for the 1st ride with GPR and TRE installed. Some nice mix of highway/town + backroads with high and slow speed twisties. I was running 0-10 range around town getting a feel for the GPR. In the twisties and freeway setting it to max [20] is like....well its amazing. The bike becomes solid, predictable and no longer jumps a bit when hitting the ruts. No darting when the front wheel hits odd or unmatched pavement. The anchor points feel more solid and the bike is easier to toss about. I now understand why the race and sport dues use them. Wow. HUGE improvement in itself.

The TRE make a noticable difference off idle and in deceleration. The map is allowing the engine to be a bit smoother. I guess the timing is quite "consumerized" from the factory, eh?

I am sure this has been posted by another knucklehead in the past. Just sitting here back at the house drinkin a COLD one after the ride and wanted to share the morning fun with the gang. :thumbsup:



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