more than 1,000 motorcycle crashes in one video


I was surprised at the amount of crashes in which the motorcyclist never hit their brakes. Staggering really. They just panicked and plowed into the car. Practice your brake drills gentlemen.


Absolutely right. Besides, pedestrians and other drivers can cause road accident and make you guilty. For example driver overruns you and hit brakes, you crash into him from back, you're guilty, he blackmails you for cash and etc.


I saw this last month. I learned two things after watching that video:

1. Everyone in Rusia (or whatever country that is) has a dash cam in their car
2. The worst place to ride a motorcycle is in Rusia (or whatever country that is)

it appears to be a Russian insurance requirement to install cams on every vehicle, otherwise they won't underwrite.

it has to be the worst riding driving in a supposedly non-3rd world country.
i have no sympathy because in nearly all cases , these occurrences could have been avoided. ( not an accident because an accident = an unplanned activity, and these could have been avoided)
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