more mods = more pics

I got pazzo shorties from pashnit and hid setup from xenonking. I got perilli's from cyclegear (i don't remember who posted that deal, but thanks).

thanks to everybody here on the .org. you all helped me out a ton.

and epoxy does not work on the homemade front wheel removal tool. I finally got it welded and had cyclegear put the tires on. although I was concerned when I walked into the store with my wheels, then I went back to my car to get the new perilli's i ordered online and go up to the desk and the dude behind the counter asked me if I had paid for the tires already. But he wasn't the one who put them on so it seemed to work out. Next time I am gonna drive the xtra 20 and go to Jim Anderson's Complete Cycle.

I love the look and feel of the pazzo's. The tires feel great so far. Less than one hundred miles so they are not even broken in. And the HID's are bright. Very nice
thanks again




bonus pics with hump

my next mod will be 2 remove a few things and have them powder coated black. maybe some smoke front turn signals, thats still up in the air.



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