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Hey there people,

I was getting my 2000 Busa ready to roll after being still for about 8 months or so after I recovered it from being stolen and ran into issues. Hooked everything up as normal, replaced battery, and ended up getting the C11 code after the FI light started flashing. So I replaced the Cam Position Sensor with a brand new one, traced wires back and forth and found nothing snipped or crimped, checked continuity in all wires and connectors, replaced the kickstand sensor, fuel pump is kickin on, and the tip over sensor is a completely different code. Nothing seems to be fixing the issue. Still have the C11 code and it won't start. It will turn over but won't run. Any ideas on what to look at next?


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I doubt that 8 months of sitting would do this, but try cleaning the injectors. Check the screen in the fuel pump too, as well as replacing the in-line fuel filter. A 2000 probably needs this service done anyway.

Fuel screen and filter are fine, It's pumpin fuel normally. Just not starting. Just shot some ether into it and still wouldn't start.
Okay, I had someone look at it and they said I wasn't getting any fire and that they found that the Ignition Module was bad and needed replaced. Aaaaaand they wanted $1,850 for parts and labor. But the Ignition Module itself if only $300. Would it be more feasible to change it out myself or is there programming that they need to do also? Honestly I would rather do it myself but I'm not an electrical kinda guy.. Any ideas or know where I can look into processes of changing Ignition Modules?
Okay, Another Update. The Ignition Module wasn't the issue. It was the ECU. So that being said since it is a 2000 and the 99-00 were the ones without the limiter on them, If I replaced the ECU with one from a 01, would that hinder/ affect my performance?


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I'm no expert but I believe the '99-'00 Busa has a 16 bit processor as opposed to a 32 bit for the later Gen 1....Hopefully someone else will comment.

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