Mold eradication


So, I moved into a new place and it has some fairly extensive mold on some areas of the walls.
I have had non-stop throat, ear symptoms and sinus problems since I got here.
Looked at a couple sites on the subject..

In case you guys and gals have ever dealt with this sort of problem I'd like to hear you successful methods.


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Cleanup ........Bleach
Prevention....Better air Flow / Less Humidity


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I've seen entire buildings tented and dehumidified for that reason... if it's in the walls, you've got trouble. Find a specialist for sure...

Also...after washing the walls remember to use KILZ to seal the wall before you repaint.

Warputer is right, but you may have a bigger issue than you can handle yourself.

Good luck..., Let us know,



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You first need to remove or remediate whatever is causing the mold (water penetration). There are products available that are Mold specific for remediation... It is necassery to remove all the mold though... If it is in the walls you are looking at a major pain in the ass project.

To just clean up the mold is pointless make sure you find the cause...


Yeah, pretty much what I read...
I hit the walls with a Bleach 1:16 Water solution.
This building is concrete and cinder block construction. Whenever I leave the doors and windows closed for a few hours I come back to a humid flat.
The prior resident is a good friend that was complaining of respiratory problems for several weeks if not months.
I had not been in here to look around for some time until I moved my stuff in. All outwardly protruding corners of the flat have the heaviest development of mold.
The bedroom has an especially heavy colony.
I have been wrecked with allergies since I moved in at the beginning of last week.
I knew about sick building syndrome so I did some more research and found out all of this info...
I should be alright with my original plan of Bleach, Killz, thick coat of paint... Then I just have to keep an eye on the walls for regrowth. Ventilation with the windows cracked a couple inches should be adequate as I like a cool place rather than hot.
I'll look outside the building and recommend some fixes to the landlord. The downspouts are probably saturating the outside walls.


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A heavy duty dehumidifier might help... If you are 1st floor look around the outside to determine the slope of the property as it comes back to the house.  If it is sloping back in towards the outer walls get some topsoil or dirt and remove the negative grade.  Check to see if your Downspouts terminate far enough away from the exterior of the house also.  Plus all the other stuff. good luck!

Unless your water/moisture problem is coming up from the ground... instead of in from the walls.


I don't think it is "rising damp"
This "flat" is on the first floor up above the garages... European for an American "second" floor.
This issue is most likely a downspouts problem. I am not going to stay here long. This problem gets me motivated to finish up the renovation of my new place...
Hopefully will have it done in the next month.


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Good luck.
My basement recently flooded because the local paving company reblacktoped the road and did not put a curb back up.
We are going through their insurance company to get the basement redone back to the way it was before and our estimate was for $13,900, not including lose of furniture. This included cleaning the concrete floors and walls. Spraying some stuff to prevent mold. Rehanging the sheetrock and finishing it and putting new carpet back down.
Very pricey for the size of our basement.


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Tear it all down and rebuild. Mold will not clean up. Texas had a real bad problem with black mold. many many insurance claims. Now insurance will not cover mold because it is a redo job.


(BlueHaya @ Sep. 25 2006,19:03) Tear it all down and rebuild.  Mold will not clean up.  Texas had a real bad problem with black mold.  many many insurance claims.  Now insurance will not cover mold because it is a redo job.
I rent this place. It is made of concrete and cinderblock. Teardown would not be cost effective even to a wealthy owner...
These Bosnians here in Sarajevo would rather put in work to correct the problem instead of throwing money at it with a rebuild.


The house i bought in 2003 was a black mold house.state farm dished out $62,000 bucks to completely redo the whole interior of the house.they completeley gutted and replaced everything from a/c, heating and even water heater. the only bad thing is state farm wouldnt re insure it.but they did give a 20 year guarantee-warranty on it.but when i bought it i had absolute hell getting it insured.


Here in WA we have toxic mold. There is no known remedy to stop it. The states solution is to knock down the house AND dig up 6 inches of the underlying dirt. The problem is that one can not kill mold with bleach or other agents if those agents can not come in direct contact with the mold. Concrete can actually provide a safe harbor for molds. Get out. Move to a new place.
Your flat sounds like it has all the right conditions for continued mold growth. I have worked on one rental (not mine) that has caused two families to become sick. Every time it vacates, the owners scrub down the walls and shampoo the carpets. It still stinks of mold after all the cleanup.
Try this test. Hang something on the wall that will not let moisture pass through it. Check the wall in two weeks. Do the same with the floor. The rental I mentioned ealrier used to make fuzz balls of mold out of whatever was hung up on the closet walls. GET OUT!


I hear you TJ...
I am only here for a few weeks until I finish renovating my permanent flat closer to downtown.
Too bad because it is a really nice little neighborhood..
There are plenty of vacant properties in this neighborhood though so I will eventually buy a building and renovate the whole thing for myself.

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