Mojave Mile/Magnum


Alright you guys,what's goin' on out there?
(if i can get off my lazy ass in the morning i'll ride out there and take some pictures:laugh:)
Still undecided,i figured one of those guys would have posted up some results by now(plus,it's a 270 mile round trip...more than likely i'd be give out and stove up by the time i got back,and not wantin' to get up at 3:00AM to get ready for work Monday morning:laugh:).

Moto GP on early tomorrow dad,1:00AM here.
I didn't get to go :( To many other things going on . I had planned this ALL year and had to cancel . I will go next year !!!
Went down to get a 5 gal. jug of gas for the bike and while walking into the garage stepped in a big pile of dog crap(it was still dark)and tracked it all over the rugs and carpet...I'm not particularly superstitious,but I know an omen when i see one.:rofl:
I Will be there , Bike is getting some tuning done as we speak and going to be tuned for top speed!! I was looking at the results and I wanted MY Name to be there!!

Damn,sorry to hear it bro as i know you were really lookin' forward to it.I believe i'll pass myself and catch you next year.:beerchug:
New date is April 12-13 only one date and only the 1 mile . I may fly out to see it