modify rear brake/adjust sensor/modify shift rod after buell peg mod


Call me Liberace!
OK, did the buell peg mod, and it's awesome. my problem now is that i need a shift rod that's about a half inch to 3/4" longer to bring the shift lever down where it needs to be. Also, I adjusted the rear brake by grinding off about a quarter of an inch, so i could adjust the lever lower, to match the drop of the buell pegs. Now my rear brake lever won't actuate the brake light switch. so the lever is lower (could go a bit lower to be honest, it's still a little high), but the brake light switch doesn't seem to be working. I unplugged it and grounded the two terminals together to see if it still worked, and sure enough it does, I need to adjust the switch somehow. someone help, lol. I know that someone's figured this out by now, and the lack of threads on the subject is making me feel like a moron. help me out guys, the rideable days are flying by... stupid washington weather.
oh come on you hosers, someone knows, quit being lazy and link me, lol.
What I did on mine when I installed my Buell Pegs. For Shifter just removed spline connection at transmision and rotate couple of teeth to lower shifter. For brake pedal if you look at the threaded connection from the brake master cylnder there is approx 3/8" that is not threaded, just used a die grinder to remove it so where the lower nut sit is flush with the first thread. Then adjusted the switch it actually adjustable just disconnect it and turn the switch and you can raise and lower it.
Actually sorry missed a step above, you have to loosen the locknut first then you will be able to turn and adjust the rear brake light switch.
thanks man. i've got access to a mil grade machine shop, gonna have a shift rod milled, hopefully from titanium, lol. but i'll look closer at the brake switch, it didn't look adjustable, but i'll look again.
i may just have to get rearsets. i can't adjust any lower on the shifter without hitting the kickstand.
I was able to adjust my shifter with no problem but I flipped it to over to reverse drag shifting.
i thought about doing the flip when i had it off. not certain it'd really help with street riding.
I just takes getting used to but I love the all down shifting . Plus if anyone tries to steal your bike they will have fun trying to ride it
lmao, good point. I might try it out. question though, do you have buell pegs? if i still had normal pegs, the position would be more than low enough, it's the drop from the buell pegs that changes the angle.