Modification help


I have done several Mods to my bike only 1 is a performance Mod but I did get a undertail a tire hugger clear tailight lens second look seat skins and a two brothers full exhaust system I was a auto mechanic and did most all of my work on my gixxers (3 of them) myself including working on them on the dyno ( My local shop rocks they let me work on almost anything with there help in there shop) I would like to do the Pair valve update add the ATRE ( I think that is the best one ?????) Power commander II and the small air box Mod can anyone help me with good and bad on these things directions for air box Mod and Pair removal will it hurt my bike etc . I am very willing to share any info including pics of how to install undertail etc you might want to know I am very happy with mine it came painted and fit fairly well . I dont care for the clear lens (looked better on the internet) any help would be great thanks  



I'm sorry, but I can't help with your question, but can you answer one of mine?

How do you like the 2-bros exhaust? I have a friend that has a great deal on a header, so I am inclined to go that way, but I'm interested in your input.

is it a 4-2-1?
I like my exhaust it sounds great and looks very good I dont know as I noticed a significant HP gain because I didnt Dyno it first I really wanted to get rid of the dual exhaust and get some sound out of my bike . Make sure you get the heat shielding it will keep your fairings from melting and there is a wrap that came with mine a header wrap you put around the pipe that goes to the canister I also read that this was important I am going to dyno it before any other mods are made and I will let you know what I make for HP I also can give you a pic if you would like to se what it looks like on the bike
What's up Race? I would like to know who's undertail you went with and how much is was painted.I am waiting to see what Hotbodies undertail looks like. I also thought with PCII you didn't need the airbox mod.
You could be right about the PCII I dont know I thought you needed the PCII if you did the airbox mod alot of questions hehe I went with the Mototech undertail I thought it was the best looking although I didnt get to look at the one you mentioned Mototech is a comapny out of Canada I bought the whole thing as a kit undertail tire hugger rear LED blinkers and clear lens it was all around 460.00 for everything I think . I will double check and post the prices and webpage . I also got to keep my trunk and I understand with some kits you dont. It came painted although if you look very close it isnt exactly the same color very close but it is underneath so..... I can live with it the quality and install instructions where good and I took pics of the whole install if you decide you want them
Hopefully I'll see your BUSA at Bikeweek. What year is your bike the airbox mod might apply to 99's
Hey race24x, I have the same undertail and love the look. Didnt opt for the hugger though. Also it is mototeck (K not H) I have done the small airbox mod to my bike, drilled out the stock cans and have a K&N filter seems to run better plugs look good so I didnt get the pcII, although with the exhaust you have it may be needed. I say do it then keep an eye on the plugs before you buy the pcII. Also put the tre on my bike and wow what aa difference! I have read you can do the same thing as the tre yourself by cutting the pink wire and splice a 6.8 resister (or two 3.3's) from the pink wire to the black wire this makes the computer think its in 5th gear all the time. The wires are under the tank, towards the swing arm near the left side frame. the connector is white, trianglular and has 3 wires (blue, black, pink/red).....Oh, the small airbox mod is easy. Just lift the tank, pull the filter out and saw every thing inside the lip the filter seats against out. The flapper will be removed also. Put the filter back in and your done. Some say to use a "BMC" filter (BMC oor something close to that). Good luck!
Cool thanks for the help I am going to try the small air box mod and see how it goes I am opting for the ATRE which lets you program which gears you want to be like 5th I hear the normal TRE gives you some idle trouble in nuetral the ATRE is about the same price. The Pair valve is an air injector near the exhaust port (I think ) you buy these plates and block it off and do away with the air injection I dont know what it does though if its just a wieght thing I wont bother but if it adds HP I will I would like to get a NXT turbo and intercooler for it but I have to chrome the wheels and frame and stuff first maybe next year did you see the story in Motorcyclist a couple of months ago 500 Hp haybusa or the street version i think 235 Hp 250 if you push the horn it holds the waste gate closed longer more boost LOL thats what I need
I can post them or email them I have before during and after install I even took a pic of the piece I cut out let me know