mod. seat pic.

Just got my seat. I did not like the way the stock seat made me slide to the back on take-offs, so I found this guy that fixed that. It is the same quality as the stock seat and you can't beat the price. Here is the info if anyone is interested:
Tobin O'Connor
122 South Main Street
York New Salem , PA 17371
I accept PayPal and Money Orders Only.
Seat with exchange are $108 this includes shipping.
If you would like to buy a seat without exchange Total is $183.00 this includes shipping in the USA. Call for availability
If paying thru PayPal please add $3.00 for fees Total $111.00 with exchange or $189.00 without exchange.
IF having both front and back seats done with your exchange. Price is $199 this includes shipping. Add $6.00 for PayPal.
Without exchange price is $295.00. Call for availability. Add $9.00 for PayPal fees.
If you have any further questions feel free to call. Thanks Tobin
All shipping charges are for the Continental United States .
Call or email for shipping prices for outside the USA.
P.S. I have two type's of black leather one is glossy and one is dull. Please state which one you would like on the money order or in the PayPal commit box.

He strips the stock seat down to the plastic and remolds the foam and puts a new fabric over it.  I am really picky and I found nothing cheap about this product.  Give him a call, very nice guy! I didn't want to wait for the seat so I paid for one($189) and am going to send mine back for a $75 refund.
I have bought 2 of those from Tobin.
He only takes a couple of weeks start to finish and it's like $110 returned.
VERY nice quality.
Mostly for drag racing .
Nice seat, quality looks top notch. I don't drag race, so I have no need, and it seems like it would take away from the ability to move around for comfort on the longer trips. Besides, I get my feet up quick and grab the tank with my knees.


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