Moab UTVs and Wow Look at this Merc (pics)


So Eight friends and I headed out to Moab last week, for four days of fun. Thought i would share some pics and a story. We left Thursday morning around 4 am and hung out once getting there for a while. Did some basic around town stuff and drank some .... Beeer. On friday we did some hiking but due to an unfortunate garden tilling accident on wednesday i was unable to do more than 3 or so miles.. :( Thats ok cause we picked up our rentals at 1300. Three 2014 Polaris RZR xp 1000. (picked up a 800 on sat)

We spent from 1300 untill 2100 out wheeling on Hells Revenge and Kanes Creek the first half. Saturday we left about 0900 after picking up the final RZR then hit the Full Fins n Things, then off to Moab Brewery where we got the worst service i had in the last two years. Then off to do the full Kanes Creek Run.. Got home at 20:30.

Those rzrs are so much fun... who needs a jeep :p :stirpot: They crawl over anything and when you hit the sand... throw it in high and hit the gas, just try and keep all the wheels on the ground....... or don't!! For those that don't know, Hells revenge is mainly slick rock and good steep up and down climbs, with some sand and some great over looks. Kanes is down into a canyon then in and out of the creek and up to a nice cut out /turn around... Well it goes further but the rental place asked us to avoid the rock climb up if we could. Fins and Things is slick rock more mild, long and lots of sand.

We had one boo boo on the way back out of kanes creek on Sat. My buddys girlfriend hit a mystery stick... or rock, and some how managed to tear a valve stem. Crazy damage to get, so all we had was some medical tape, a few zip ties, and plug in emergency air pump. After rigging the hell out of it and getting it working another group stopped and gave us a can of fix a flat. We made it the 7 miles out of the 4x4 trail then8-10 miles back into town.. That ziptie mess held up like a champ even at 45 mph speeds.

After some car wash fun and returning to camp it was more beer time!!

Sunday i went with some buddys into town and the wife had to hit up one last hike, yup it had to go bad.. She didn't hardly drink any water and got a minor case of heat stroke. Felt sick all the way home, six hour drive of hell for her.

On the way back we saw a Mercedes that i have no idea how to explain so heres some pictures.

It was a great trip and my wife kept her eyes open the whole time on the trails this year.. Last year she had to get out a couple times. This year she giggled the whole time, especially during any whoops when throttling it up or on the high speed sand berms and into the creek. I suggest anyone to head out there for fun, or with us. We plan on making it a yearly trip with friends. 3 years outa four on it now so not a bad start.

Heres the pics. The angles can be hard to tell due to our natural habit of leveling things out. Theres more pics my buddies got but i haven't transferred them yet.








Nice pictures, thanks for posting them. The Mercedes is certainly different!!