Mixing different brands of engine oil


A few days ago I replaced the stator cover on my 08 Busa. When I took the cover off a lot of oil poured out. I lost about 1.5 qt of oil. The oil in the bike was Motul 10w40 full synthetic and to top it off I put some Mobil1 10w40 full synthetic in it because i couldnt find motul anywhere. Is it safe? or should I change the oil?
Yer good to go.:thumbsup:

Picture this,you buy a bike,and the cheap skate has been runnin' non-synthetic(Dino oil) and you dump that and put in the good stuff. You NEVER get all the oil out unless you rebuild the motor. you are fine.

As long as you mix the two oils well, you are OK. And the only way to mix them well is to go rip it. LOL