Missouri Highways


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Anyone got some suggestions on some scenic roads for the western side of the state. No preference on South/North......
Was just looking for a little weekend get away. Would like to ride over with three other bikes for two days......

We are headed for Lake of the Ozarks, MO - Saturday, July 12 Meeting place:
Burger King by Six Flags on north service road.
235 W 5th St, Eureka, MO 63025

We will eat somewhere, probably on the strip, and head back.

I don't have an exact route yet but you are welcome to come and meet us if you would like.

I don't know how many will show up for the ride, I never do.


Hey ks, did you ever get down to Talimena Drive in Arkansas? If you did, how'd you like the roads around there?
Yes, I did make it down there..........
Now for the bad news, it wasn't on the Busa! Took a truck the first time to scout it out. Still waiting on a friend to get some time off on the weekend. Then were going to go blast it....
I would be interested in coming down July 12th. Let me check with some friends and see what I can come up with.........
Hey KS, I wasn't looking to ride with you guys, even though I'm sure it would be cool.  I live in Georgia and I get out that way about once every two or three years for a change of pace.  It's 700 miles for me to get out there, so I have to take 3 days off of work to make it worth while.  You guys have fun tearing up those roads!
Sorry I sometimes forget being on the net and everything just how far apart we really are................