Im new to the forums so dont know if this is the right place to post but ill give it a go!

Does anyone here know were u can get other billet mirrors? Preferely carbon, and hopefully just to mount as the original ones? Kinda think the orignal is to big and clumpsy. My bike is a gen2 -09
I have the magical racing type 1 mirrors and they are awesome, but expensive $$$.

They are super light and don't vibrate as much as heavy mirrors.

If you have a get off, they sell parts so you don't have to rebuy them as a unit.

Most aftermarket mirrors are junk, I am sad to say.
Those are carbon fiber "look". Real carbon fiber is pricey, but weigh nothing.

Most people go with GSXR 1000 mirrors, or clones. To tell you the truth those are
pretty good, I have a set for backup. I am wide and need wide mirrors, especially
with leather on. I use 1 inch spacers and the long stems and its just right. Lots of
considerations besides looks.