Mirror Repaint After Parking Lot Drop

I had a parking lot drop at Zero miles per hour a couple weeks ago, due to unseen gravel (night shift, dark outside...)

Rather than buy a new rearview mirror for my bike, I'm thinking about simply sanding the scuffs out and painting my mirrors to match. Can anyone tell me what kind of paint I should use? (Brand/type preferred.) Not interested in spray paint... thinking it would be preferable to use primer and some sort of brush-on paint that will stand up to polishing/cleaning since Florida has many bugs that LOVE to adhere to rearview mirrors and any other forward-facing motorcycle surface.

A new mirror is around $80. Mirror covers are $80 a set. Hopefully I won't drop the bike again, but can't willingly spend $80 for a new mirror or cover that may (God forbid) be damaged again, when the existing damage could be fixed for a more reasonable amount.

I guess a follow up could be... what can I paint the stock exhaust can with to cover the finish lost when it met the ground...?



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