Mirror Install

for starters about 9months ago I put my bike down because I was being stupid...well after getting it all back together and not wanting to break anything that isn't already broken or replaced I was just wondering if anybody can help me out as to how to take out the factory mirror brackets (which are broken off really short) and replace them with the aftermarket mirrors I have. I am asking because I just don't want to break anything else

Thank you in advance


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To take the mirrors off, you just have to pull the rubber boot up and reveal two bolts with 8mm heads. Unbolt them and pull them off...
If the bolts are snapped as well, using a Dremel tool might help. Use a cutting blade to cut across the broken bolt (just enough to get a flathead screwdriver in it. Then use teh screwdriver to slowly remove teh broken bolt.

I put a bike down once, and used this method to remove a broken bolt. op this helps.

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