Mirror Extensions


Hey guys and gals. I've got some 1 to 1.5" mirror extensions that'll fit all hayabusas and 01-02 1000's. Basically what they do is push the mirrors out and gives you a better view, especially for the big guys. Email me at customparts_bikes@yahoo.com for more info.
I bought mine off ebay.

I don't be feelin' travelin salesmen.

Just go to ebay.com type in Hayabusa.  I'm sure you'll find those extensions.  Mine are still in box...so I can't tell you how they work yet.  Bike still in pieces...
If these are similar to the ones I got off e-Bay (black Delrin), then they're well worth the $30 I paid.
You know you have to show pictures. What is the material? How are these different from the ones we have been able to get from e-bay? What is the price?
Do you have both 1" and 1.5", or somewhere in between?

You know the drill.
Ok, These are made of black Delrin. They come with Stainless steel bolts. I'm charging $35 for the 1" tall and 45 for the 1.5" tall. The price jump is cause the material is more expensive for the 1.5" stock. I do have pics but to get them send me an email at customparts_bikes@yahoo.com that is "customparts_bikes"
I can make any size between but the price will still be $45 as if you were buying the 1.5" . I also have adjustable droplinks (patented) for the rear suspension, and I'm currently working on removable swingarm extensions.
You guys who already have these installed... Do you dig them? Do they work well? Is the bike still clean looking? Anything else worth mentioning about them?

You guys who already have these installed...  Do you dig them?  Do they work well?  Is the bike still clean looking?  Anything else worth mentioning about them?

I am not sure if this is the same guy that was selling them before, but they look identicla, and they are of the same material. What is different is the offer of two different sizes. I believe 1" was the only one offered before.

I have them and they are great! Unless you know the bike very well, you wouldn't even know they are there. Secondly, they work. I am only 5'11" and I had a problem with the stock set-up. But these made my mirrors functional. I have heard similar comments from others who have them.
These things are one of the best and cheapest mods that you can make to your bike that actually provide you with a benefit, BEING ABLE TO SEE WHATS BEHIND YOU.
I picked up a set of the 1" delrin last fall. They are nice & do make a big difference. I think I paid like $34 for them on E-bay. It does make the mirrors the widest part of the bike.