Minneapolis/st. paul?

Lets hook up - I'm not a crazy man on the bike, so if your looking for a knee dragger type count me out. I'm pretty careful on the road. I'll send you a E-mail next week.
Hey Hank....no knee draggin' here bud! I'm pretty mellow myself. I'll look forward to your e-mail.

I can tell that you two are just as enthusiastic as I am about getting out there on the bus again. I'm a few miles from you two, but I go to Wabasha every summer, for some good times on the river.
Hey there,
My name is Chris, and I'm from Arizona where the twisties are. I'm bored out here, and wouldn't mind meeting some cool guys to ride with. Especially if they are Bus guys. I just got mine out today. I used to do some hard core riding with my sportbike club in Arizona Radar Runners, but I've mellowed alot lol. No wheelies for me since I wrapped on it and dumped the clutch in first and went beyond verticle lol don't ask how I saved it my friend that was in front of me though i allready fell off lol.....

Hey Chris, Welcome to the board
Congratulations on getting the new Busa
Hey there I'm from over in South dakota land but probly be up in the minneapolis area this summer with the bike be sure nice to hook up with some of you guys that know the area and some good riding I do alittle of everyhting i'm not picky i like a nice ride as much as a hard one or some wheeling so if ya would get back to me sometime alright
I have not recieved my bike yet but live in the Minneapolis area. Still have my Road King though. Should get my Busa in the next week or two. I opted for the Orange so I have to wait.

Hank and Sled. Ready to hook up. And anyone else. Been talking to Sled via e-mail and we should plan for a day or night ride.

I love my bike.

hey guys ,ken from st paul here i got a 2000 bus, ive also got a couple of buds who have the bus too and were also lookin for people to ride with,let me know whats happenin so's we can hook up, toll free <span style='color:blue'>866-863-7636</span>leave msg
My work number is 612-313-9060, x215 or just ask for Paul. I can ride most nights and will be available most weekends also with planning.
Hey Ken, tried to call you twice so far but I have been out a lot from the office. Lets get this group together. My bike is past it's 600 mile checkup and I am ready to meet you all. Call me at 612-313-9060, x215 and I will call you back.

Look forward to meeting you all.

So have you guys worked out a date to ride? If so, I'd be interested in joining you. I'm out in Waconia (about 20 miles west of 494).

See ya on the road...
a waconia boy??? Geez!!! Lets get together! I'm all of a couple minutes away in chaska. Give me a shout. 952-484-3050. Me and the girlfriend are definitely riding this weekend! Meet at the boat house???

Hey Matt -

A fellow busa.org member just down the road - cool!  We'll definitely have to hook up.  Not sure of my plans for this weekend yet, but will give ya a ring once I know.  

You can reach me at 952-442-2308.

LOL, my name is Paul also.
I live in Duluth, but grew up in Wayzata. I go down to the cities often. are you guys going to BIR superbike? I always go there and meet with a lot of guys from suzukihayabusa.org. the races are the last weekend of June.