Million Dollar Man, A-Team, AirWolf

They're playing all the episode 1's in Korea: A-Team, Million Dollar Man, Air-Wolf. It is totally awesome.  They've also played the original Hulk series.
Sometimes I even see Miami Vice when channel surfing...(wretched stuff).

For some reason, I never realized how bad the acting was until watching it as a grown up.  
  You know when that guy goes, "I love it when a plan comes together".  What plan? Or when Mr.T starts growling and sh*t, not so cool anymore. But somehow, I just don't care. Memories are good.

I remember the show AirWolf, my favorite. Someone recently asked me about AirWolf, "What's so special about that helicopter?". And I tell them it is really really fast. When I was a kid, that was enough. But now, I watch it, and I think, and so? It's fast. So what? Or Springfellow Hawk...the ultimate cool dude. I look at him now, and all I see is a pretty boy Hollywood actor.



Even a caveman can do it.
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Not a GTA, just a plain jane transam with with some hubcaps and a light on the front.


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wait... you mean you ENJOY watching it, and it's ENTERTAINING, and not REALITY? ? ? What is WRONG with you, man? How can you watch that crap?

I enjoyed AIRWOLF when it was just him, the lone gunman, pining for his loss of whatever it was. They lost me adding the standard comic relief sidekick person, whoever it was... i forget.... He was way cooler flying solo
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