Miles per gallon


I've got a stock busa except for the chrome. The engine and exhaust are all stock. One the highway i was getting 44-45 miles per gallon. I just put in a K&N air filter and and now getting 50mpg, which is great since i do more distance riding than anything else. But it seems a lot higher than what i read. Anyone else getting close to those numbers??
The trip computer on my bike has given me approx. 5.6 l/100km for heavy handed days. I filled up again and that number was pretty well on.
I was to say the least happy with the results.
When I first got my Busa I was getting 50 MPG but after I put the Two Brothers exhaust on and it got broke in it reports about 44 or so I do alot of 2 up riding though . I have never checked it to confirm so dont know about accuracy
I only get 35 mpg, but I get there real fast !!
Went 123 miles idicated..once....went with traffic flow..and  some 70-75 cruising.....1.97 gallons..Was
Now that I put the 16T front sproket on I am getting about 24mpg. It made a huge difference in the RPM's I'm turning, and it is drinking the gas.
I have watched this very closely, I have gotten 50 mpg before but it was when I was barely on the gas, 70 mph, easy starts and stops. I went on a ride with my dad on his goldwing and I had to ride really easy. But I have also seen 28 mpg when I was riding with a group !!!!
I use by Busa as my daily commuter into NYC and I can't get more than 30mpg per tank...If i run it 'til it's dry the onboard usually says closer to 28. On the other hand when i brougth it up from WV (bought it down there, great price) it was up around 35-38.
Hey Darkeye, where do you commute from do you take the tunnel GW bridge or the NYS thruway. On the average I useally get good gas mi never below 35mpg
I average about 32mpg weather im pounding on it or easy riding. I have never seen more than that, even new.
I left my second trip meter and MPG alone since I've had the bike. At 9500 miles I average 27.6 mpg.
If your getting that kind of gas mileage...Your riding to slow and the "STUNNAH" will get little on you quick...
If your getting that kind of gas mileage...Your riding to slow and the "STUNNAH" will get little on you quick...  
Just like on my mirrors.........objects in mirror disappear. I gotta get to wherever you at and see what's up.........always talking about leaving somebody. Let's see who will hold it longer.
I have never gotten more than 36 mpg no matter how I am riding. Bike is totally stock other than a powerbronze windscreen.