Might be looking for a new bike..... Finally


As the title reads. Wondering what's out there. One thing for sure. I don't want another busa with that irritating 2nd gear problem. Also, not looking for anything that's engine modified except for airflow. I like to get somewhat decent mileage! Air box mod is fine. Depending on what it is, I'm open for comfort mods, nothing custom painted. Gen 1 or gen 2.

It's been a long time since I've been on here. Probably since my last accident in April 2013. Also, looking to sell mine. I can post more on that later when I'm on a pc. Not sure if I should sell it as is or part it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any input, oh and.



Only you know what you really want. I have a feeling there is more you don't like about a Hayabusa besides 2nd gear issues. So, what would you like in your ideal bike?

2nd gear problem is the result of incorrect shifting. This is simply one small area where a Gen 1 Hayabusa is not as resilient to abuse as in other areas, so I wouldn't blame it so much on the bike. I think Gen 2 bikes have their tranny dogs undercut to prevent 2nd grear issues. I personally haven't had an issue with 2nd gear in about 40k miles between two different bikes - '01 and '06, and I ride pretty aggressively, do track days, and sometimes upshift close to redline.

There are other long mileage riders with the 2nd gear working just fine.

I recognize that once the 2nd gear issue develops, it would be really annoying, and I personally wouldn't want to ride the bike. I road tested one, and man that wasn't fun.


Oh I love the busa! I just remember reading about the 2nd gear issues in the gen 1 and yes my bike had it as well. I didn't ride very aggressive. I just enjoyed riding. Looking to do it again here soon hopefully.


Oh, I see. I think it would be wise to re-evaluate how you were shifting. And I would strongly recommend clutchless upshifts - quicker, easier, and much safer for the tranny.


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Look into the Gen II's, you can find 08's now for around 7500 maybe less if you look. I loved my Gen I and my wife and I were in tears when we sold it, but I also love my 09 and there is a definite difference between the models.

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