Might be a silly question about Triple tree but I'll ask anyway!


Got my bike stored away for winter. During this time I want to go ahead and get the front end lowered. I have the soupy's lowering links on the rear. I have a very short inseam so I had to lower the busa just so I wasn't tip toeing so much at lights. My mechanic said that he would suggest that I swap out the stock triple tree and adjust the front end as well. So I'm in the process of getting the parts needed. I noticed that some are called Triple tree tops and others just triple tree only. Is there a difference? I was going to go with the black ones to match my busa! Please let me know what else I would need.
Hayabusa lowering Triple Tree | eBay

anyone have any experience with the china shipped clamps? Also any suggestions would greatly apprecieated! thanks in advance!
Just go with a top, it is the easiest and cheaper!

Nice to Daves old bike around here still!

He does awesome work with airbrush!
Aftermarket too clamps are nice. But if your on a budget, I always suggest using top clamp spacers.

1, they're usually about $25

2, they raise the handle bars up an inch, so it's more comfortable. That might be a better option if your arms are a reflection of your inseam.
I agree, the risers are the cheapest quickest and easiest route to go. You can even buy the hardware at the local hardware and save a ton of money.
Thanks for the reply! Yes this is Dave's old bike he is a great guy. I'm looking to lower the front end of the bike for comfort. I went with the top! Thanks for all of the help!