Midway was great!


If you love war movies, Midway is a classic story told with the amazing POV offered by advanced CGI. It is very much in the genre of 60-70's war movies with a bit of a simplification of the various roles. But it's hard to argue that in an all out war it's about winning by any means. The use of CGI was seamless and the realism will have you grabbing your seat as the Dauntless noses over to deliver it's payload. You'll moan as bombs fall long or short, thinking crap we have to go through that again. Most of all you will have a new appreciation of why we have a Veteran's day. Anyway, definitely a cool flick, maybe even standard setting for this type of film. And in a time where everything is make believe, it's cool to use all the technology to bring it back man to man.
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