mid ohio race this weekend!!


plan on goin up with my buddy that also has an 08 busa. Another guy is coming from out of town with a busa also. Each year i want to go to the mid ohio races, but never get around to it. It's only about an hour ride for me. I will take my camera and hopefully get some good pics. I'm sure they will have a bunch of vendors/sponsors set up, so hopefully i can find a few goodies for da baby in the meantime


I don't know exactly, but i think it's about an hour north of columbus, ohio(where i'm at). Never been there before but drove by it once a few years ago and can't remember. My buddy has been there a few times so i'll just stick with the pack. I'm horrible with directions, sorry
Me and 3 other busa's are meeting at quaker steak&lube on sunday morning to go to mid-ohio.a few non-busa's are going also. Me and my buddy have the 08 blue/gold and other buddy has 07 blue.:beerchug:
Wow I was having a good day not missing home until you brought up Quaker steak and lube!! Do you ever hit the bike night they have? and you are talking about the one by the Green off of 675?


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Race was great! Anyone end up going...?

If I would have seen this post, I would have looked for you guys. I did see a few BUSA's... :laugh:


yep, i was there. It was a great time. Was gonna try to get a few pics but i forgot my stupid camera and the camera on my phone sucks. First race i've ever been too, it's awesome watchin them guys
wow i was having a good day not missing home until you brought up quaker steak and lube!! Do you ever hit the bike night they have? And you are talking about the one by the green off of 675?
sorry i missed you at mid-ohio.i am a regular at bike nite every wed.look for the blue/gold 08 with the gold windscreen and black/gold brock pipe.
i am planning on going to bike night sometime soon. I have been on 2nd shift for the last month so i haven't been able to. Hopefully i can get a few of my friends together and go within the next couple of weeks, of course a few of them ride harley's, arrgh
I was there all weekend. Me and 2 of my buddies went. Anyone see a black crew cab tacoma pulling a trailer with 3 suzukis on it? Red and black GSXR 600, blue and white(funky paint job) GSXR 750, and my black Busa. It was a blast and we are for sure going next year. I've never seen so many Busas in one place before. I fell in love with a white Gen 1 with tips and extended swing arm, 240 rear tire, they camped just down from us. His wife had a black or grey, sorry I was drunk most of the time, 08 busa with the same mods I believe.

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