Micron Pipes


I'm planning on putting some Micron Pipes on my 03 Busa. Has anyone had them on their Busa? Thks!
Nope, you'll be the first. I'll bet Micron will be glad to finally sell a system. ;) Just kidding, of course. Several people here have Micron bolt ons and full systems. Maybe they will see your post soon and be able to give you some feedback on the Microns.

Until then, welcome to the board. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As a note, the site will be down tomorrow for several hours while the site owner moves the servers and stuff to his new home. Maybe it will go smoothly and be back up by tomorrow night though.
I have a set that came with my bike. It was tough work to get the center two individual header pipes to seal with the collector. I had to use hi temp gasket sealer but someone else here was able to get them to seal using a rubber mallet. Also they may or may not contact your lower rear stock pipe mount.
why is it that alot of turbo bikes run micron exhaust? Do they make special systems for turbo bikes? Can you run normal exhaust with a turbo?
Thanks for all the info...I will be putting on slip-ons. I let you know how it goes. Won't have them for a few days.
i put them on my last busa. oval stainless. not very loud, not sure if that was good or bad though. i would prefer a bit louder personnaly, more chance of people in cars hearing you.
For last two years micron is top two (1:st and 2:nd) in effect and dB tests in nordic BIKE magazine.
As i said i have the slip-ons and love the sound the are louder than stock but not noticably louder at stops and at idle.. hit the throttle and its a whole nother stor-reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :laugh:
Just put Micron Slip-ons on my Busa. Sounds and looks good, but wish it was a little bit louder. Can anyone tell me which exhaust is the loudest with out going over the top?

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Here is a Pic of my Busa with the Micron Slip-ons

Here's a picture of mine, full Micron system with great sound. Loud enough to be heard but not bothersome. Besides, with any after market system when the beast screams she will be heard.

Im sporting a full Muzzy stainless. Skull splitting loud....I love it. Great performance for the $$$

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