Michelin Power RS

I started with the Michelin Power Ones on my turbo bike in '08(the hot tire at the time for drag racing),then the Michelin Power Supersports,am now finishing off the Michelin Powersport Evos and on to the Power RS.All were pretty much the same other than sidewall rigidity and only good for about 4,000 miles on the rear(could probably get 6,000 out of the fronts but I always replace as a set).Super sticky for the street or track and no more than I ride these days work out great for me.Seems most people these days use a Shinko Hook-Up at the track,but I'm guessing these would work out just about equally well and still be a better quality tire for the street.
Is this tire good
for drag racing ?

Make friends with somebody that rides a small displacement track bike . . .

You will get a FREE drive tire with plenty of meat in the middle *

I would recommend a 60 series tire for drag racing .

Try it out & see how it works for yourself !

You can not beat the price .

RedBull , *<(;{)-

60 series that's huge. I wouldn't go that big. Bike would be slower. You need big tire when you have big power. A buddy of mine goes low 8 with a shiny hook up 190 50 tire

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