Michael Jackson's Ghost seen at Neverland???

Mr Bogus

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and the money grab has begun...... less than a week for scammers to find an issue... whew... glad that is over with...
Im sure this only the beginning. Next someone will claim he was seen trying to moon walk on a remote island next to elvis playing the guitar. Obviously something happened in the vid but who knows exactly what it was or was not.


Yeah...u can tell its someone walking across the room and have cast a shadow on the wall. They don't have to pass in front of the door way in order for you to see the shadow from that angle. It just depends on the light. They have attempted to filter it w/ different color and hues....but its not going to change what it is.
Someone walking through the room out of view.


Lily's Daddy
when the wife watched it the baby kicked, and i saw her belly move 3 inches...then i quickly ran out of the room:laugh: thought she was going to go into earlie labor

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