Metal shavings inside stator


Hi guys,

First post on here. From what I can tell it seems like a great forum, so maybe you can help me out.

I've just recently bought a Westfield with a turbocharged 07 Busa engine and have encountered a problem after a day at the track. The car cut out, and wouldn't start. There was no spark at all. I plugged a laptop into the stand alone ECU (MBE 9A4) and discovered there was no signal from the crank sensor at all.

I've taken the stator cover off, and disvovered a whole load of metal shavings attached to the crank sensor. This bridged the gap between the terminals and caused the sensor to stop working. I cleaned it up and put the stator back on the engine, and the car fired up right away.

Has anyone seen this problem before? What would cause the metal shavings to be inside this cover? My initial thought was the crank bearings allowing the crank to move around and touch the stator, causing the shavings? I've tried to wiggle the crank about but there doesnt appear to be much movement at all.

I also drained the engine oil and there isn't a sniff of metal in there, and the engine sounds perfect. I'm obviously quite worried the engine has a serious problem. Any help would be appreciated.
There has to be contact somewhere that is causing the metal. I would look closely at the stator, hub, and pickup to see what is touching what....
i think i have heard about bolts possibly backing out of the stator and the heads grinding against the cover?