Merry Christmas


Dis in my way!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you that frequent this board. This site is made up of a bunch of people with at least one common factor and that is the Busa. Over the past year there have been friendships made, information gathered (and lost when the board went down), stories told and every once in awhile a good debate. The more post I read the more I can see that this board fills in the gaps and distance around the world is really not a factor. I get messages and emails from Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Kuwait and the list goes on and on. There are many of you here that have really been fun to interact with and I do hope that someday we can all hook up and ride. For now I must settle for wishing you a virtual HAPPY HOLIDAYS and reading your post.

Merry Christmas All.

New things will be on the site soon.

You also Cap.. look forward to getting to talk to, and meet more member next year also.

be safe, enjoy!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a much Happier New Year. Pass a get well wish on to your niece for me. I hope that the new year will bring all of you much deserved happiness.
Back atcha' Capt.

All the fam is back home from the Hospital now, and ready to recover.

thanks Cap/. That brought a tear to my eye (no REALLY IT DID)  Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy Holiday to you and your family. I also hope we will meet in the near future.
Merry Christmas to you and yours Captain. I hope that the future brings you and your family, both health and prosperity. Also, a big thanks to you for providing the medium for so many people to share information and make new friendships.
Merry Christmas from Kawafaskis you said..
debates and family, cause we are a virtual family..Thank you and be well.....Hoist one for the Captain..cheers
Captain, the best wishes to you and your family for the Holidays.

Keep up the good work, the site keeps everyone together.

While I'm at it, Happy Holidays to all. Drive safe, and have fun!
Yep, I think i'll have some of this Holiday Spirit....BURP!!!...and Happy Holidays to all...BURP!!!!!....By the way Xmas is Merry....BURP!!!!


Merry Christmas to all my busa friends..thanks Captain for all your hard work. Hope all of you a jolly, jolly time.
Hi todos, Feliz Navidad y una Feliz Año Nuevo.

Hallo alle, frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr.

Hi tutti, Buon Natale e un nuovo anno felice.

Hi all, merry christmas and a happy New Year.
A Blessed Christmas, Happy Holidays and a safe, fun-filled ridings days in 2003. Thanks Cap for all the great work you put on th site and the great guys on the board. Cheers! Jun
Merry christmas to you Capt... and everyone else.. I wish all a safe holiday and happy New Year
It's been a great ride and an equally great year. Keep up all the fine work that you and the other Administrators do to give us somewhere we can go to join in fellowship. This site truly feels like "Family."

Best Wishes to You and Yours During this Holiday Season