Menace busa styling kit

Hey Gang,

The “Menace” Styling Kit is here!!!

Canni Design Inc. is proud to introduce its new “Menace” body restyling kit for the 99-09 Suzuki Hayabusa. The “Menace” body kit will transform the appearance of any 1999-2009 Hayabusa into a sleek, redefined, heavily European inspired work of motorcycle art. This transformation can be achieved simply; just paint and install the “Menace” restyling kit on your 99-09 Suzuki Hayabusa. The “Menace” styling kit retains all factory hardware, critical factory-mounting points, and is completely “bolt-on” requiring no special modifications or tools to install. It is constructed of high quality woven fiberglass with a gray primer gel-coat finish that features impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

Parts Included in the “Menace” Styling Kit

· Upper faring
· Side panels
· Front Fender
· Dash Panels
· Tail Section
· Under-tail
· Windscreen
· Fuel Tank Canard









Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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Not sure how your first post being a sales pitch will go over but..:welcome: all the same..

now that has a "transformer" look to it.. would look kind of nifty with the look of an aluminum aircraft skin with airbrushed rivets etc... :) seems a bit of a shame to hide the sharp lines with all the paint ( l like Revolutions "Tiger" a lot better anyway)
welcome to the site its a great UGHUGHUGH what the hell did you do to that busa man!!! looks like some old early 90's sportbike


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so does the whole "kit" just get put on over the OE fairings like the gas tank cover and upper fairing cover?

I would like to know more about the company making this though. I remember seing that style of a windscreen a while back. Would luv a point of contact if you would share.

oh yea... welcome aboard
That just goes to show how hard it really is to make a good looking bike :laugh: Gives me a lot more respect for the factories.........
Personally I like the stock bodywork on both gens better. If somebody made a nice tail for the second gen it would be one mean looking machine :beerchug:

Jay Willie

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#15 would I want to change a body style that already sets itself apart, just to make it look more like all the others? :poke:

And shouldn't you be checking in with the powers that be to advertise your product here? :rulez:

Besides all that...:welcome:
IDK, I think with the right paint scheme it could look pretty decent. It's definitely different. It be better if it wasn't a solo tail though.

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