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Ok, We have a lot of you (New and Old) guys and gals that need to get up on the Members map. Don't be shy, if I can put my mug up in Connecticut, all of you pretty people can do it.
hey ninja, i didn't realize you were in CT, i was visiting one of my brothers there 2 weeks ago. just after all the rain. it was sunny for a couple days and i was dying to ride. sorry i didn't look you up.

maybe next time....
Wow!! I am very sorry that you did not look me up also. Hope to see you next time. Where in Connecticut is your brother located?
he lives in Wolcott, CT. (small suburb) and he works in Hartford. I was there visiting for 5 days. i am going to try and see him before the end of the year, i will keep you posted.
grea!! Wolcott is only about 1 hr away from where I am. Hartford about the same. Providence is about 1/2 hour away.
Nice to see some more of the gang on the map. Keep up the good work, keep them coming.
I lived in CT for a very brief time, just over a year ago.  Temp work location for the comapny I worked for at that time.  (Their home office is in Glastonbury)  

While I was there for that month, it was cold and crummy most of the time, then on the first nice day...  The bikes came out of the woodwork!  I didn't know there were so many motorcycles in New England.    

BTW, I can't post a pic yet. I don't have my skooter yet!


hey bosch,

when i was in CT visiting, there were so many beautiful country roads all i could do was imagine having my bike there. i saw lots of harley's but not that many sportbikes. ninja eater was no where to be found so i didn't see any BUSA's! :whip:

can't wait to see your pic when you get your bike!!! make sure you post on the map!

Yes lo,

I will be around next time. We have some great roads of all kinds including a 9/10 high end run. RT. 169, 171. 49 (to the ocean)Rt.8 through the CT. Mountains, and etc. Does your brother have a bike that you can hit these roads with?
he used to have a cruiser, but "wifey-pooh" made him sell it!
when i teased him about that, he threatened to send me home :whip: oh well......
So if you come out to the East coast to visit your Brother, we need to find you a bike to ride.
pleeeeeease!!!!! i will give you plenty of notice so we can work something out. i will also check with my brother to see if he has any suggestions.