Mech. problem

busa commuter

Here is the problem. I‘ve a 03 busa with 8000 miles one it. I bought it new. If the past 2000 miles or so when ever I down shift from 2nd to 1st the bike stall’s out. This happens as soon as I pull in on the clutch and the brake and it only happens from 2nd to 1st gear no other time. It does not seem to matter how warm the bike is. I can ride to work 60 miles down swift and the bike will cut off but the electrical system is still on and I can here the bike priming. Took the bike in twice to have it serviced the second time at 6000 miles told the dealer about the problem he said that sometimes happens and it is normal. I told him that I have been riding for ten years and have never had it happen. Thanks for any help you may have.
I keep mine around 12 just incase the idle screw vibrates a little from "aggresive" riding. Just check it regularly
Had the same problem but not with as many miles on her. It was the idle, way too low. bump it up to 1100.