McCulloch HID Kit HELP !!!


Just received my HID kit from Xenon King.  Every thing went fine until it came time to fit the bulb.  The base is too thick to allow the spring clip retainer to close and catch.

Has anyone else had this problem ?  If so how do you work around it.  Their instructions leave a lot to be desired  
 Very unclear particularly on the goofy 2 piece bulb base....Seems like I just wasted $ 170.00


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if it is for the low beam i tooka set of side cutters and turned the D looking base into a circle buy cutting the angles with the blocks really have to be looking at it to understand what i mean. Then you have the cut the extra piece ,that doesnt seem to go anywhere, off of the wires, make sure not to damage the wires, dont worry about the piece. it should go after that. another thing you may want to do is bend the wire that clips the light in out a little before you put the light in, that way it will holdthe bulb in a little better.

if nothing i said made sense you might be working on a different bike with a different HID kit, but i believe these are the steps i did to finish mine up


Thanks domestic. That is the problem I am having. I compared the factory H7 bulb base and it is much thinner that the bulb "assembly" in the kit. It does look like that extra "cup" piece is what is causing my problems. Also, I pulled up the headlight diagram from my service manual and it looks like there is a base adapter that is shown separate from the actual bulb itself. If that comes apart I think that is the key..... Remove the stock adapter and re-fit it back on the new HID bulb (after rmoving that little "cup" thingie....

I'll disassemble the bike again this afternoon and see if that helps.

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