may as well post my prject pics here too

well, this bike has gone thru many many mod stages...but ill spare you the history and stick to the currant phase...

so far:

T-61 Ultra kit (water-air IC)
full internal motor work..pistons/rods/valves/the works
full exhaust
billet primary and secondary fuel rails
all water/fuel/boost connections modded to AN fittings
BST carbon fiber wheels
full Speigler 8-pot brake set-up
Speigler master cylinders
Mac Machine 2-7 swingarm with air tank
Ohlins damper
Magical Racing Carbon Fiber mirrors, windscreen, and inner panels
TMH clutch/slave support
Smithabusa modded GPS for a gear indicator and restriction limiter removal, i know im missing




here are some under-plastic mods ive done...

dual fans installed the right way

temp sensor relocator modded with AN fittings

right side with radiator AN mod, cleaned up wiring and plumbing

Left side cleaned up plumbing and wiring.
super trick NLR modded Davis water pump and bracket

relocated 1:1 FPR

my biggest pet peeve is messed up wiring. i went over every inch of the bike and straighted, loomed, soldered, relocated, and secured every wire in the bike.

nice clean battery...

auxilery fuse block for all non OEM mods requiring power
(still working on cleaning up the tail!)

AN boost control and boost gauge feed lines on the Ultra plenum (that still needs to have the water fittings modded to AN fittings as adapters here if possible!)

the bike still has some mods on the way:
Ohlins forks and rear shocks
MXL full digital dash
Full Carbon fiber body work with custom paint work
...and a few VERY trick one-off billet pieces...

*burns checkbook*
Awesome bike
I especially love the front calipers and wheels. Is that dyno run with the exhaust? Why not run a zoomie? You have more in AN fittings than most do in their entire bike! (I love that) You managed to make purple cool.
when the bike had a stg1 kit on it i had a dump. i got tired of the noise, my foot smelling like fuel, and it dragging in hard corners.

the full exhaust sounds so deep and awesome. plus it keeps the bike stealthy.

yes, the dyno run was with the full exhaust on...and we didnt push it too hard cause the motor was fresh. shes got a tad more in her!


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Hey Vic, good to see you made it over. Thanks for the mention of the modded GPS LOL.

Looking good buddy, can't wait to see the carbon body work on there.
Very cool Bonedust.

I'm wishing that I would have shelled out the extra $3k for the ultra plenum. I'm having tire clearance issues under heavy braking with my air to air.

I thought it was cool when I watched Mike puting it together, but with the braided hoses and such it looks even better. Good job.

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