Maxton N.C.


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Date: June 23 - 24

Location: Maxton, NC

Daily Event Schedule:


8 am to 5 pm - Track Setup and Vehicle Inspection
5 pm - Rookie Orientation *


8 am - Vehicle Inspection
8:30 am - Driver's Meeting
9 am - First Vehicle on course
11:30 am - Lunch Break11:30 am - Rookie Orientation *
12:00 pm - Resume Racing
6 pm - End Saturday Racing


8 am to 2 pm - Racing

* Mandatory attendance at Rookie Orientation for all new competitors or anyone who has not compteted at Maxton for three years or more.

Membership is $ 50 per calendar year. If you join on July 1st or after membership is $ 25.00 for remainder of the year. Membership includes one copy of current rule book, free entry to spectate at any ECTA event and a newsletter with uptodate information on the lastest happenings with the organization. Any person driving/riding a race vehicle at an ECTA event MUST be a current member.

Pre-registration is $100 and must be received one week prior to event. Registration at the gate will be $ 120. Registration is per vehicle, per event weekend. that a track day? You've got my attention.
Five times a year, scores of car and motorcycle racers gather at the Laurinburg-Maxton airfield just outside Maxton, North Carolina, to speed down the Maxton Mile race track. Vehicles range from production cars and bikes (basically off the showroom floor) to exotic, purpose-built racers. It is quite a show!

I thought you had the easter egg hunt tomorrow.
I was looking at the June 23rd date. Are you going then?

If not then........


here's the schedule

2007 Event Schedule:
March 31 - April 1
May 19 - 20
June 23 - 24
September 22 - 23
October 20 - 21

gotcha.... yea that's cool. we can do that.
the line was crazy long, but worth it. most people only got 2 or 3 passes. there's deb in the red and white leather.